Live Figure Drawing


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Live Figure Drawing

Class rates:

- membership per session $21.00

- non member per session $30.00

Figure drawing from Third Eye Unity is non-instructional sessions where you can draw or paint a live model. Classes are open to individuals of all experience levels. 

We provide newsprint and charcoal pencils for use. You're welcome to bring other drawing materials you may like to work with. Additional materials are available for purchase. 

Open Figure Study Class Outline, Guidelines and Etiquette is based on respect for the model and our space. Please adhere when attending sessions. 

  • Drawing sessions are 2 hours.
  • Registration of classes is required and before sessions begin. 
  • Enter and exit only during session breaks. No disturbing model during poses.  
  • Always show respect to model, fellow students, instructor and equipment. 
  • Do not touch model or invade their personal space. Please keep at least 6 ft distance.
  • No photography is allowed. Do not ask the model if you can take pictures. 
  • All digital devices must be inactive during sessions. We have a bin to store your device during class or it must be put away. 
  • Please refrain from speaking to model during posing sessions. 
  • Do not comment or make gestures regarding models body, appearance or gender. 
  • Do not suggest poses or give direction to model. Poses are determined by models experience, input and instructor. 
  • Do not ask model personal questions AT ANY TIME. The models are available for figure study only. 
  • Any questions related to the model should be directed towards instructor. 
  • Discrimination of any type is not accepted in our classes. Please keep our environment fun and positive for everyone. 

*See membership page for more information on our program and discounts for members.