PJ White Sage-Palo Santos


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White Sage Smudging Sticks. Burn Sage to cleanse and improve your environment, mood, energy and reduce stress. Our White Sage is sustainably grown off the coast in California and is not over-harvested. 

Please make sure to never leave your smudge stick unattended and be mindful of any breeze or drafts that could prolong embers and create fire. 

Palo Santos - "Holy Wood" Burning this wood helps to purify living spaces, soothe frayed nerves and delight the senses. 

Wood is sustainably grown. Please note that not all sticks smell the same, some are stronger than others depending on where they are in the tree and how much oil is saturated in the section of that particular cut. Sticks will not stay lit like traditional incense. They will go out after a short time as they are meant to be burnt in small increments. Enjoy!  

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